What Is a Slab Leak?

Many of Winnetka, California’s commercial and residential buildings include a concrete floor called a slab in the basement. In some buildings the copper piping will run under or in the concrete for the water system of the building. When the copper pipe is worn or damaged during construction, breaks and cracks may be formed, called slab leaks. Depending on where it is located and how large the opening in the pipe is, this situation can go unnoticed for very long. It will eventually become a serious issue that needs to be addressed, or the building could be severely and/or structurally damaged by water.

Slab Leak Detection Winnetka CA

Breaking the slabs of a concrete floor could pose as a huge problem. ‘Just Leak Detection’ reduces the associated hazard and the additional costs of the process. We have got the expertise to locate underground drainage pipes, metal and plastic conduits. The high-skilled technicians use best instruments to give you the desired result.

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Causes the Slab Leak?

In Winnetka, California, homeowners should always be aware of what they’re putting down the drain. Hard chemicals can damage the pipes and form leaks from the slabs. Allowing old pipes to stay in the network can cause problems too. Age plumbing will cause rust which will affect your drinking water quality and cause damage. Let us provide a water leak inspection for your California home before a broken or burst pipe washes away thousands of dollars in property damage.

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