Just Leak Detection specializes in leak detection, plumbing services and repairs.

Water leak detection

Identification of water leak detection might turn as an overwhelming task. ‘Just Leak Detection’ has the equipment as well as the expertise to precisely identify a leakage in a domestic/commercial plumbing system. For an accurate and non-invasive leak detection, call us!

Underground Pipe Tracing

When you are with ‘Just Leak Detection’, tracing the pressurized underground pipes in the water mains, domestic water pipes, fire protection networks, residential/commercial/ industrial water inlet and water heating systems is a smooth work. Expect nothing less than a prompt and accurate service on our part.

Slab Leak Locating

Breaking the slabs of a concrete floor could pose as a huge problem. ‘Just Leak Detection’ reduces the associated hazard and the additional costs of the process. We have got the expertise to locate underground drainage pipes, metal and plastic conduits. The high-skilled technicians use best instruments to give you the desired result.

Thermal imaging

‘Just Leak Detection’ helps you identify the source of water with the aid of thermal imaging. This is a non-invasive technique. If it is about finding issues related to moisture, deficient insulation, plumbing leaks etc, you will find our services extremely effective.

Moisture detection

With the aid of latest techniques, ‘Just Leak Detection’ quickly finds out the source of moisture in your home/ office. We offer you help to stop the deterioration and prevent the mold infestation damaging the building. We are your all weather friend.

We helped with superior and professional service to clients. To avoid further costly damage, we strive to keep our customers informed about any issues in their home. We provide precise and reliable underground utility location services that are extremely accurate with the most updated available information.

Call us at (818)-452-0880 for any troubleshooting needs or to get a free in-home estimate from our experts. We’re available 24/7 please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.